ESC 1000 DAB/DAB + and  T-DMB Live Signal Capture

ESC 1000 is a real-time monitoring and analysis of FM, DAB/DAB+ and T-DMB Signal. a It is ideal for verifying signal quality in drive field test and ETI stream capture, all captured ETI streams are stored on a local hard disk and is accessible by other applications like ETI stream player for verifying live signal test purpose in the LAB.

□ Channel Diagnostics :
    - FIC CRC, MSC CER, SNR, Variance(QPSK constellation stability value of demodulator)
□ Channel Monitoring :
    - FIC BER, Audio BER, Audio CRC, RSSI(Receive Signal Strength Indicator), TR Mode
□ Sub Channel Monitoring
□ TII (Transmitter Identification Information) value display
□ BER Measurement
□ DAB/DAB+ channel list :
    - Number of DAB channel
    - Ensemble name of audio channel
    - Audio service information
    - DLS display
    - Volume control
□ DMB Service List
□ Packet data service list : TPEG/EPG/BWS/JPEG/TMC
□ Audio Play
□ DATA dump
□ FIC & PAD data dump

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