C2200 SSU Server

Scilla C2200 SSU Server is a DSM-CC carousel server that plays out SSU carousels and proprietary transport streams. The server support both DVB-SSU simple profile and enhanced profile. For enhanced profile carousels, SSU files are played out sharing same PIDs while related UNT tables with relevant scheduling and target descriptors are generated automatically based on externally provided scheduling information..
Main Features

□ Generation of SSU carousels
□ Scheduled playout of carousels
□ Automatic generation of UNT tables
□ PID grouping with independent bandwidth management
□ Bandwidth Scheduling

Data carousel generator
□ DSM-CC data carousels are generated from the files and configuration
□ data in the built-in carousel repository. The generated data carousel
□ stream is forwarded to the software based multiplexing engine.

SSU carousel repository
□ SSU carousels are retrieved from uploaded Transport Streams and
    stored in an SSU carousel repository. The SSU carousels are two layer
    DSM-CC data carousels that are used for delivering system software
    updates. Each carousel consists of groups that each contain one or
    more files. The carousel groups contain additional target information
    that provides the receivers with information to identify which specific
    manufacturer and hardware model each group of files is targeted for.

PSI/SI Generator
□ The PSI/SI generator generates all DVB mandatory tables (PAT, PMT,
    NIT, SDT, EIT and TDT) as well as Update Notification Tables for SSU
    enhanced profile carousels. Update Notification Tables are generated
    based on scheduling information and metadata in the SSU carousel

Transport Streams containing:
□ SSU carousels and signalling conformant with SSU simple profile
□ SSU carousels and signalling conformant with SSU enhanced profile
□ Proprietary Transport Streams for OTA firmware upgrade of legacy
set-top boxes

Firmware files:
□ Single firmware files
□ Multipart firmware files with manifest data

□ Multiprogram Transport Stream (MPTS)
□ ASI interface
□ TS over IP (RTP or raw UDP)
□ Unicast and multicast
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