What is LS OBSERVER – A fully integrated system for specturm monitoring
Unlike traditional heavy and bulky monitoring stations,
LS OBSERVER Fixed Monitoring Units (FMUs) have a
small footprint and allow for “single pole” mounting.
Permission to install these small and smart devices is
easily obtained, and they can be installed literally
anywhere - only two people are needed to set up the FMU.
Thanks to its robust design the FMU can be operated
in hard weather conditions
The Transportable Monitoring Unit (TMU) offers you
great flexibility. Whether you load it in the trunk of a
vehicle for drive tests or do continuous outside monitoring
the TMU is suited for various applications. It is
weatherproof and has internal battery power for autarkic
The small and lightweight Portable Monitoring
Unit (PMU) is suited for infield operations. For control
and measurement display the PMU is equipped with a
touch-screen tablet computer. The PMU is powered by
a removable battery pack or can alternatively be
connected to the power supply grid.
The Protected Portable Unit (PPU) is suited for outdoor
operations under extreme weather conditions.
The PPU is easy to transport and can be used for single
infield as well as for continuous outdoor measurements
The Handheld Monitoring Unit (HMU) is a very small and
lightweight but at the same time powerful device. The
HMU is based on Android enabling a user-friendly touch
interface. With the integrated compass view transmitter
homing becomes as simple as never before..
The Airborne Monitoring Unit (AMU) is a fully equipped
drone suited for monitoring and direction finding. Flying
in up to 100 m height the AMU can monitor signals
that are not measurable on the ground.


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