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  •       LS OBSERVER

          Modern and Automated Sensor based Radio Monitoring
          using the LS OBSERBER System

          A fully integrated system
          for spectrum monitoring

    In line with the ever increasing use of wireless devices
    the radio spectrum is becoming congested. To ensure a
    stable, interference-free communication spectrum monitoring
    is the key.
    Whether classical monitoring, automatic violation detection,
    direction finding, geolocation, occupancy analysis
    or demodulation, the LS OBSERVER system offers a
    wide range of applications

    The key differentiator of LS OBSERVER compared to
    conventional monitoring systems is its unique data
    compression and storage capacity directly inside the
    measuring units, its integrated user-friendly and intelligent
    software, as well as its interface to spectrum
    management systems.
    LS OBSERVER is a fully integrated state-of-the-art system
    for spectrum monitoring, including measurement and control
    software, as well as monitoring hardware.

    Typical System Configuration
    Monitoring System Overview

  • ITU compatible
  • Remote Monitoring Unit
  • Monitoring network
  • Flexibility - Fixed, transportable, portable, handheld
    and flying
  • Cover the full frequency range from 9 kHz to 18 GHz
    and more
  • Automated 24/7 Live Monitoring
  • Automatic Violation Detection (AVD)
  • Automatic generated alarms
  • Audio and IQ recording
  • Analysis – Overview, Noise free, FCO, Raw data
  • Direction Finding/Angle of Arrival(A0A)
  • Geolocation – TDoA/PDoA/Hybrid technologies
  • Demodulation

  •       Colibrex Drone-based RF Measurements

          Regulators, Broadcast / Telecommunications Operators and other industry players
          A turnkey (service) solution :

  • 100% subsidiary of LS telcom
  • 3 main applications :
        Antenna measurements
        Spectrum Monitoring…”in the air”
        ILS/Navaids and Radar measurements (Cooperation project with FCS Flight Calibration Services)

  • System supplier and measurement service provider as drone operator
  • easy, quick and cost-effective way the true onsite characteristics of RF transmission installations

  • Primary Advantage of Measuring "in the air"

  • To avoid / reduce ground reflections
  • To enable multi-points / volumetric capture of signals
  • To capture signals only available at a certain height
  • To enlarge the captured area

  • Antenna Measurement

  • On-site radiation pattern measurement
    HRP, VRP
    Beam Tilt, Null Fill
  • Validation of installation during SAT
  • Detection of unwanted / unplanned errors
  • Antenna installation optimization (tilt, azimuth,…)
  • Effect of obstacles at same location

  • AMU / Flying Spectrum Monitoring

  • Suspicious or illegal activity, potential threats
  • Unwanted Emissions (Jamming)
  • Radio activity from neighboring countries
  • Use of AoA (Angle of Arriving) technology to determine the direction of the suspected emitter
  • Interference Hunting
  • Possibility to configure the system as “tethered” UAS (powered via cable) for long standing monitoring and to install the system on vehicle platform for flexible and rapid deployment

  • CHIRplus_TC

    User-friendly and efficient planning of radio networks

  • site selection
  • line-of-sigth(LOS) analysis
  • detailed link engineering
  • channel assignment
  • coordination and interference analysis
  • automated generation of license applications
  • bills of material (BoM)

  • Advanced network design, planning and optimization software

  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart grid
  • Mobile service (TETRA, DMR, 2G/3G/4G/5G, etc)
  • Fixed service
  • CHIRplus_BC

    Planning and Coordination of Terrestrial Broadcasting services

  • Powerful databases system
  • GIS and graphical user interface
  • Field strength and interference prediction
  • Support of international frequency plans (GE84, ST61, GE06, GE75…)
  • Contour Based Caculations
  • Coordination functions and macros
  • Network planning and optimsation
  • Frequency Planning
  • Population Analysis
  • Analysis of Measurement Data

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