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The DVB-T2/Lite demodulator is a very innovative solution especially designed to perform the Terrestrial Digital TV signal quality measurements. Broadcasters are becoming more and more concerned by monitoring their Digital TV network infrastructure as they are developing a global Quality Of Service (QoS) approach. One critical part of a DTV infrastructure is the transmission sites and the DTV transmitters. The demand to monitor the QoS figures for DTV transmitters is therefore increasing and the global strategy of TeamCast is to address those needs with a very professional solution offering best class of DTV signal monitoring features. DVB-T2/Lite demodulator consists in a 1RU rack equipment, easy to use for DVB-T/T2 signal quality of service monitoring. It includes a DTV demodulator to perform signal decoding to supply stream output. Additionally, a front-end low noise tuner is implemented to authorize high performance of MER measurement that is commonly requested for QoS monitoring purpose. It can be easily integrated within global monitoring network thanks to its SNMP v2 compliant IP interface.
Comprehensive set of monitoring features
It provides a large choice in term of retrieved monitoring parameters and data. Typical RF signal performance figures such as Input level, MER, Signal to Noise ratio (C/N), Bit Error Rate and Packet or Frame Error Rate are collected in real-time. Furthermore, the user can upload more complex and added-value measurement data such as the RF signal spectrum display, the I/Q constellation diagram, the signal power bar graph as well as the SFN Window. It provides a unique feature «SFN drift monitoring» allowing the user to check remotely the time synchronization of a transmitter in a SFN network.
Ready-to-use solution
As with all TEAMCAST equipment, the DVB-T2/Lite demodulator product consists of powerful unit, especially designed and developped for fast use. Users can manage via the IP interface using the ControlCast software or using SNMP protocol. It supports both RF input and ASI input interfaces in order to monitor the transmitter input stream in one hand and in the other hand the radiated RF signal. With its audio/video streaming over IP capability, it allows the user to remotely deeply check the DTV signal.
Supported Standards
□ 1x BNC female connector - 75
□ Format 188/18 + 8(+8)/204 bytes, Burst or Packet mode, 50 Mbps max
RF Input
□ DVB-T/H: EN 300 74, EN 302 304
□ DVB-T2: EN 302 755, TS 102 831 EN 102 773
ASI Input
□ 1x BNC female connector - 75 Ω
□ Format 188/18 + 8(+8)/204 bytes, Burst or Packet mode, 50 Mbps max
ASI Output
□ 1x BNC female connector - 75 Ω
□ Format 188/204 bytes, Burst or Packet mode, 50 Mbps max
Gigabit Interface
□ 10/100/100 Electrical Base-T
□ Streaming protocol: UDP/IP/Ethernet
□ 100 Mbps max
□ Addressing mode: Unicast/Multicast
□ MPEG-TS over IP streaming (selected PLP)
Clock and Synchronization
□ 10 MHz input - 1x BNC female connector - 50 Ω
□ 1PPS input - 1x BNC female connector - 50 KΩ
Measurement probes
□ Full band input level: -10 dBm to -50 dBm
□ Channel input level: -30 dBm to -90 dBm
□ Left and right shoulders: > 4dB
□ Signal to Noise Ratio (SNL)
□ Carrier Frenquency Offset (CFO)
□ MER: up to 40 dB
□ MPEG-TS figures: TS_Sync, Continuity_count_error, PCR jiter,     PCR repetition and PTS diference
Measurement data
□ Revovery transmission mode (full L1 monitoring)
□ Signal Power Bar graph
□ SFN Window (5 main echoes)
Measurement displays
□ Channel Spectrum
□ Constellation Pattern (L1 and PLP)
□ Delay Profile (CIR)
□ SFN Drift
Control and Monitoring
□ HTTP control interface via Ethernet
□ SNMP v2 protocol
□ Delivered ControlCast PC software
□ Power supply: 90-240VAC - 50Hz
□ Dimensions: 376 x 483 x 4m / Weight: 6.5 Kg
□ Operating temperature range: 0˚C to 50˚C
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