T-MOD T/T2 is an innovative solution which provides best of class signal performance for DVB-T2 modulation and DVB-T modulation. More widely, T-Mod T/T2 addresses the applications and needs of all players in the R&D laboratories system integrators and manufacturers, who are already experimenting with this new standard.T-MOD T/T2 provides a DVB-T2 signal including configurable MISO/SISO transmission and Multi-PLP layered modulation.
Performant & Future proof
T-Mod T/T2 has been specially developed to provide equipment designers, R&D laboratories designers, with a best of class performance, and to exhibit a high MER value, excellent shoulder levels and lowest phase noise. It includes all the necessary clock and synchronization mechanisms required to operate DVB-T2 and DVB-T transmissions in Single Frequency Mode (SFN), DVB-T2 MISO applications & Multi-PLP configuration. A comprehensive & intuitive control software suite is provided to configure and control the unit via Ethernet local or remote connection. T-Mod T/T2 consists of a stand-alone modulator rack, with physical interfaces either ASI or IP inputs ports which are able to transport either MPEG-TS or T2-MI signals. It is capable of delivering a RF signal output over a wide frequency band from 30MHz up to 900MHz. The dual modulation allows to compare the performance of the DVB-T2 versus DVB-T by using only one modulator.
TMOD-T/T2 :  DVB-T2 supported modes
System A : MFN
System B : SFN modes (System B, T2-MI) & MISO & Multi PLP
Module Box:
  • 1U Rack
  • Dimensions: 450 x 500 x 44 mm
  • Up to 2 ASI inputs, IP control, 2 RF outputs
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