Hybrid Codec M820 Series

  M820L Media Accelerator Card
  • Overview

    “M820L” is a media accelerator card
    that can be attached to server system
    to accelerate codec processes without
    changing existing users’ server

    M820L supports multi-format and multi-
    channel codec with Socionext’s Hybrid
    Codec Technology which consists powerful
    hardware engine and flexible software.

    M820L is provided with software library that enables users to use
    function of M820L through FFmpeg which is one of the most popular
    software in media processing.
  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Specifications
  • Application
    • Live transcoding system of social networking service
    • Offline transcoding system of social networking service
    • Transcoding system of video archive
    • Transcoding system of surveillance center
  • M820L is inserted to a PCI-e slot on existing PC or servers

    • To off-load encoding and transcoding by enhancing existing assets(servers)
    • No risk of server replacement
    • Addition of new services

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